Money Money

Next project….getting some money!!! I have an SAP meeting tuesday at school with an Nursing Advisor. An SAP meeting is a Standards of Academic Progress meeting to determine why you (I ) should have more financial aid. I m in the process of typing up a statement why its taken me sooo long to get my RN. So once I explain why…..and why it wont happen again (why I will finish this program in the time allowed) hopefully I will get financial aid again.

also Im  applying for the HRSA Nurse Core scholarship program. They pay you 1300 a month for a year, all your tuition and you books and once you graduate you work in a shortage area. Alot of south bend is considered a shortage area so I think it would work out for me….so fingers crossed. waiting on the letters of recommendation to be uploaded from a couple of people as I type.

So nursing school hopefuls, plan early and plan ALOT. Money will be needed!!!



Ah, my  new best friends…amazon…ebay…finding all those ISBN numbers I need and then finding the books as cheap as possible. so I have been accumulating all these required and recommended books and I needed a place to put them. So my wonderful hubby put THIS together for me!!shelvesand now im slowly filling it up

ful shelves


Does faithful mean only in the religious sense?faithful in marriage?faithful to yourself? To your values?
I think being faithful means all of these things.  If u are faithful to yourself,your values,your marriage, then you are being faithful to God’s teachings.
If your aren’t a religious person wouldn’t you still have beliefs toy would be faithful to?
Are we born with the ability to to be faithful?or do we call that loyalty. ….
I think faith truly means believing in something you cannot see. As the saying goes “it just comes down to  faith”.when I was in high school in a Christian school….I thought that was a cop out. I wanted more answers.
Now that I’m older I understand. It really does come down to faith…faith in yourself ,others ams faith in God.

Running from faith

One Little Word. I signed up. made a commitment. yet I could not pick my one.little.word.

I thought “Joy”….That’s what I want to invite into my life.My word would be Joy. I want joy in my life. I want to be joyful. I want to create joy in others.

But why did the word Faith keep popping into my head?And not just religious faith. Faith in others…faith in myself…faith to complete this journey I’ve started. ..Faith.The word Faith reminds me of buying our house.  Of losing my brother. Of my son being healthy against all odds.


So try as I might to avoid it…..I have chosen Faith.  Or it has chosen me. A new year,a new day,a new journey.