Money Money

Next project….getting some money!!! I have an SAP meeting tuesday at school with an Nursing Advisor. An SAP meeting is a Standards of Academic Progress meeting to determine why you (I ) should have more financial aid. I m in the process of typing up a statement why its taken me sooo long to get my RN. So once I explain why…..and why it wont happen again (why I will finish this program in the time allowed) hopefully I will get financial aid again.

also Im  applying for the HRSA Nurse Core scholarship program. They pay you 1300 a month for a year, all your tuition and you books and once you graduate you work in a shortage area. Alot of south bend is considered a shortage area so I think it would work out for me….so fingers crossed. waiting on the letters of recommendation to be uploaded from a couple of people as I type.

So nursing school hopefuls, plan early and plan ALOT. Money will be needed!!!



Ah, my  new best friends…amazon…ebay…finding all those ISBN numbers I need and then finding the books as cheap as possible. so I have been accumulating all these required and recommended books and I needed a place to put them. So my wonderful hubby put THIS together for me!!shelvesand now im slowly filling it up

ful shelves